RGD So(cial) Good & Design Awards


Since 2012, the SoGood Design Awards has recognized outstanding design intended to serve the social good. Forge was invited to create the visual identity and collateral for the 2014 awards.


A main objective was to develop a distinctive brand that would generate buzz in the design community and make SoGood stand out in a competitive award market. SoGood is organized by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), a not-for-profit organization, and RGD relied on Forge to deliver the project within a tight budget.


Our team brainstormed a variety of concepts that showed the impact of socially responsible design, and we arrived at the image of a domino as a powerful symbol for ‘starting a movement’. Based on this brand, we created a coordinated campaign including a high-end book and animated web ads to promote the awards. We also produced a trophy using sustainable materials and designed an exhibit for Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to showcase the winners.

The result is an unexpected and distinctive brand, and a suite of design elements that embodies social good.

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