Union Gas


Union Gas, ranked as one of Canada’s top 100 employers, is a major natural gas distributor. Seeking to raise awareness among local residents about a new pipeline construction project, Union Gas approached Forge to design exhibit storyboards, newspaper flyers and door hangers.


It was clear that design would play a key role in explaining the project to residents as well as addressing their concerns and ensuring their buy-in. We chose an open, friendly and clear design approach in order to build trust with residents and to demonstrate that Union Gas understands their concerns.

Our designers used bright colours and clear typography to create a friendly look. We carefully sourced photos that portrayed a diverse community, to reflect local demographics. Simple infographic illustrations and maps were designed to be easy to understand, whether the reader was a senior with low vision, a new immigrant with low English skills or a curious pre-teen.


Thanks to Forge’s approachable designs, the consultation event was a great success. We helped to deliver an informative presentation to local residents that rightly portrays Union Gas as a company that cares about the community.

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