Brookfield Place


Forge was challenged to develop an extensive, integrated network of custom, interactive touch-screen kiosks to aid visitors in navigating the multi-level complex, as well as provide them with up-to-date information including weather, news and upcoming events.


Forge developed a highly usable interface and a custom content management system to enable the client to upload new events, news and promotional advertisements with great ease from a web browser. Maintenance is also done via remote access to keep the kiosks running seamlessly, 24/7, with minimal user interruption.

For the kiosks themselves, Forge specified stainless steel and black glass for a clean, minimal line, allowing the kiosks to integrate seamlessly with the environment.


A network of highly effective digital kiosks that Forge manages and maintains on an ongoing basis, offering the client quick resolution to ensure that the kiosks remain online, with minimal downtime. With a simple to use interface and clearly defined content, these kiosks have become a part of the fabric of Brookfield Place and remain well-used by its patrons.

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