Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Design and implement a fluid, intuitive interactive experience for the Chairman’s Circle Donor Wall that fully engages visitors, both from a distance and as a personal interface.


Forge created an entirely custom solution starting with an artistic display of donor names that cycles throughout the day, with names emanating towards visitors on clouds in daylight hours and over the dancing lights of the aurora borealis in the evening. As visitors approach the wall, a simple, elegant interface presented on a horizontal strip of digital displays beckons to delve further. Seamlessly integrated behind an illuminated glass inset that matches the rest of the colourful donor wall’s design, each interface offers an intimate experience, allowing visitors to explore a wealth of content and the option to swipe their credit card to make a donation.


This seamless illuminated feature connects with the overall donor strategy and offers a unique opportunity to support the hospital and its important work in the community. Along with a robust, custom content management system that ensures that content can easily be added to the wall, Forge also proudly provides ongoing remote maintenance services to ensure that the donor wall consistently performs up to standard.

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