CHOPmap Mobile Wayfinding App


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a leader in paediatric care, but its sprawling facilities are a challenge for patients and visitors to navigate. CHOP asked whether mobile technology could simplify the wayfinding experience, so families could focus on their child’s care instead of worrying about getting lost.


Forge created a powerful, custom smartphone app for Android and iPhone based upon the Meridian wayfinding platform. We worked with CHOP to develop clear goals: the app had to be simple, clear and friendly. Even though the app covers over 700,000 possible routes to 850+ destinations, the on-screen interface simply had to be intuitive and easy to use. To accommodate the widest range of users, the app is fully functional in five languages.

Forge’s interactive designers built consensus among the 50+ stakeholders and undertook a thorough process of testing to ensure that the final product would be rock solid and a good fit for users’ needs.


Just weeks after launching, the app had already been downloaded hundreds of times. In the words of one of the first CHOPmap users: “This is incredible!”

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