Connexion Point


To conceive, create and publicize an innovative and captivating experience for a city-wide, all-night public art event, while challenging our own methodologies in design and development to create a memorable installation that melds art and technology.


Using social media technology to encourage interaction between strangers, Forge pioneered a multi-user, gesture-based interface and podium, with a companion cross-platform mobile app. Starting with the mobile app, visitors were invited to release stories into a stunning, immersive virtual environment. Stepping into the interactive space, visitors were able to use a series of custom podiums with a Leap Motion device integrated into it to “collect” and explore the stories contributed by other visitors in a fully immersive, 3D world. Patrons were pitted against each other in a race against the clock to see who could make the most connections; their interactions generated a complex fractal pattern in real time. As connections were made, stories were archived into each visitors account, giving them a memento of their experience that could be explored via their smart phone.


This popular, award winning interactive experience opened up new possibilities with the integration of art, design, code, technology and event creation, while artfully exploring social connections in the digital age.

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