Hudson’s Bay Centre


Forge Media + Design was challenged to create an intuitive and dynamic wayfinding experience to assist patrons with finding their way through this complex retail destination.


We developed a custom installation containing three separate screens to form one cohesive interface, set within an alluring, geometrically faceted edifice. Each display serves a distinct purpose – a store directory with built-in wayfinding, current date, time and weather data; and advertising space to generate revenue; as well as to highlight current events and promotions.

Sensors embedded in the edifice actively respond to users that are passing by, creating an alluring animated cascade, drawing attention to the screens. The interface’s colour palette automatically changes with the seasons, ensuring that the installation remains fresh and vibrant throughout the year.

A companion mobile web app allows users to generate point-to-point directions and transfer the information seamlessly to their mobile device via an on-screen QR code. The web app utilizes the smartphone’s browser, making it fully cross-compatible with any platform.


A robust, easy to maintain, dynamic solution for point to point wayfinding, with a distinct presence within a busy corridor in the Hudson’s Bay Centre.

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