London Convention Centre


To keep up with the expectations of today’s event organizers and attendees, the London Convention Centre undertook a $5 million renovation to modernize their facilities. Nicholson Sheffield Architects selected Forge to develop not just a new signage system, but to envision a holistic environmental graphics solution that would enhance the guest experience and add value to the events hosted there.


LCC’s stakeholders challenged us to examine every aspect of the guest experience. How can we make a positive impression when guests first arrive? What are the places and moments when guests need information? How can we use public art to tell stories about the region’s rich history?

In response to these questions, Forge developed an integrated environmental experience that combines wayfinding signage, live event information, and placemaking landmarks. Meeting times and locations are displayed on stylish and uncluttered digital signs, helping guests to easily plan their day and find their way. Large-scale textured panels with integrated trivia snippets tell a story about the region’s culture and history, while creating landmarks for wayfinding and a unique sense of place.


The new environmental graphics system at LCC is a truly integrated and innovative example of the power of cohesive, immersive design. Our wayfinding and placemaking will help London Convention Centre to attract high-profile conventions and to build on their loyal base of repeat events and reputation for friendly hospitality.

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