Scotia Plaza


Scotia Plaza is a landmark on the Toronto skyline. Clad in pink granite, the lobby and retail concourse have a striking look that dates back to the tower’s opening in 1988. WZMH Architects asked Forge to join their team to update and modernize these high-traffic gathering areas.


Wayfinding in the lobby and underground concourse posed a unique challenge: “stacked” elevators mean that depending on the floor you board the lift, it will take you to either the odd or even levels only. Our signage incorporates clear instructions in order to help everyone find their way. The design itself takes its cues from WZMH’s architectural finishes: white glass signs with stainless steel details feel at home in the upgraded space.


Our new signage blends seamlessly with the new architectural accents, and the program helps to bring clarity to a difficult wayfinding challenge. By building upon the architects’ vision, we brought a sophisticated touch to the revitalized Scotia Plaza.

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