The old Geomedia website was past its prime. It was meant to be temporary, but after eight years, Geomedia was searching for the right design partner to help them rethink their web experience as a platform to showcase their new brand, to better represent their services and to explain their unique sales proposition.


Before starting on the design, we worked with the client to establish a clear strategy for how best to communicate their message. Over the course of a charrette workshop, consensus built around a less-is-more approach. Since some of Geomedia’s service offerings are best explained in-person, we created a web experience that gives a quick glimpse at the client’s vast offerings, and encourages people to get in touch to find out more. Our design solution is a single page, long-scroll format that introduces Geomedia and their core beliefs using fresh imagery, infographics and text.


The new Geomedia website is easy to navigate, bilingual and displays well across a range of devices and viewports. Most importantly, it portrays Geomedia as the innovative client-focused company that it has always been and communicates what they offer in a simple, approachable way.

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