Nomade Actif


In French, “nomade actif" means “active nomad”, which is the perfect name for this travel guide providing outdoor adventures in Quebec, its surrounding areas, the US and Europe. To launch this venture, Nomade Actif asked Forge to create a strong brand identity, print collateral and multilingual website.


The client’s primary goal was to proudly communicate the fresh, wanderlust spirit of Nomade Actif, and to clearly represent the services and adventures they offer via a smooth web experience.


Forge delivered an engaging brand package that effectively portrays the offerings and establishes an exciting tone as a preview of what’s in store on an Nomade Actif adventure. To showcase their offerings — from trail running to snowshoeing — Forge created custom-illustrated icons that were applied throughout the collateral and website.

On the website, the logo and icons were paired with bold photography in an optimized, one page layout. The adventures are easily accessible through a fixed navigation, and can be booked on the spot via a contact form overlay, designed to give visitors a seamless experience as they craft their next adventure.

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