Pain Free Sleep


Pfizer Canada introduced Advil Nighttime to Canadian market. Wanting to generate interest amongst consumers who may be experiencing sleep loss due to pain, the website was created to educate people about what causes sleep loss and how it can be prevented.


Working with Environics, Forge was tasked with designing and developing a promotional micro-site to introduce Advil Nighttime to the Canadian market. Strategic objectives included the need to provide information in a way that was digestable and relevant to the end user. From planning to production, the site was analyzed at every stage to ensure the end goals were met from both a business and end-user's perspective.


Featuring informative videos, infographics, expert insights and a Tiredness test to gauge reaction times, the site sought to inform people about how best to address pain-related sleep loss. Available in both French and English, and utilizing Drupal, the site was an opportunity for Forge to show off a well-rounded approach to various web-related challenges.

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