Award-winning Toronto-based architecture firm Sweeny&Co commissioned Forge to design and develop a completely new website to communicate value, design leadership and showcase the firm’s impressive and growing portfolio. Eager to launch the new website quickly to improve their inadequate web presence, Sweeny&Co asked Forge to follow an extremely tight timeline.


We set out to take a different approach to an architecture firm’s website by focusing on the interests of the intended audience, rather than simply a showcase of Sweeny’s beautiful work. Our goal was to create a website that would succinctly convey the firm’s expertise to users in the context of their work and communicate how that leadership and expertise brings significant value to their clients. It had to be a completely client-updatable website and accommodate the different content in each portfolio piece. Forge was also committed to delivering a fully-responsive site that would display and function seamlessly across all devices.


By working collaboratively with the client, Forge was able to design, develop and launch Sweeny&Co’s new website within a very condensed timeline. The resulting site prominently features the firm’s stunning portfolio imagery but more importantly tells a compelling story of how that work benefited each client in tangible ways. Navigating the site is easy thanks to the clean, minimalist design; a priority we identified during our conversations with the client and the in-depth stakeholder interviews and research we conducted during the Discovery Phase of the project. Expandable sections and interlinking of pages allows users to quickly find specific information they are looking for, and the opportunity to dig deeper to explore every project in more detail.

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