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Our approach involves combining design thinking and evidence-based research to create a narrative-based, human-centred and human-directed experience that focuses on four key factors: Feeling, Meaning, Knowing and Doing. Success is measured by how these factors are incorporated into the experience, which is uniquely tailored to the individuals, communities, and cultures we work with. Our approach is never templated or pre-scripted, ensuring that each experience is authentic and representative of the people we work with.

We use an inclusive and participatory co-design methodology involving the community to capture diverse perspectives. Varying views on brand or personal history, communities or cultures, are foundational to identity theme development, creative envisioning, and brand alignment. Our approach focuses on community co-designed charrettes, which ensure brand authenticity and distinctiveness.

Gathering measurable and statistically sound data is crucial for conducting regional, national, or global market research. This data includes focus groups, consumer insights, surveys, critical target audience perceptions, awareness, and demographic segmentation. However, it’s not just the data that counts. Making sense of the results is equally important.

Using an evidence-based approach in our pre-design envisioning and post-design evaluations can provide valuable insights that answer the “why” and explain the “how” of motivators and behaviour patterns. This approach can help define our understanding of neurotypical and neurodiverse experiences in terms of psychology, knowledge, and embodiment.

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