Wayfinding + Exhibits

Enhance your environment to immerse, engage and communicate with your users.

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First impressions count. From the moment people set foot in your space, they should be immersed in your brand and understand where they’re going. Our ultimate goal? To create memorable journeys and standout destinations for your users.

We seamlessly integrate your wayfinding system (not just signage), exhibit or placemaking installation with its surroundings. As a result, your users will enjoy a comfortable and cohesive space that enhances your brand.

Meet the team

Our team brings dedication, passion and a wealth of expertise to your project. We deliver solutions that all your stakeholders can stand behind.

  • Greg Neely, Principal
  • Keith Francis, Senior Director of Experience Outcomes
  • Ronnie Gandhok, Project Director
  • Jesse Pope, Senior Environmental Graphic Designer
  • Jordan Bischoff, Senior Environmental Designer
  • Noha Della Polla, Environmental Graphic Designer
  • Chung Leung, Environmental Graphic Designer
  • Charlotte Rauchberger, Environmental Graphic Designer
  • Patricia Garcia, Environmental Graphic Designer
While I have always found Forge impressive for their creativity and innovation, their most remarkable skill is their ability to listen and then channel that input into effective solutions that are highly responsive to their client’s needs.Joe Geurts, former Senior Project Manager, Canadian Museum for Human Rights

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