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Anita Wong


Jays or Leafs?
Scuba dive or Skydive?
LinkedIn or Twitter?
Dogs or Cats?
Board games or Video games?
  • Favourite song?

    Too many to pick from, but for this exercise, I’ll go with “Bang Bang” performed by Nancy Sinatra

  • Most valuable office item (excluding computer)?

    Valuable as in expensive? All my testing equipment. Valuable as in can’t live without? My planner (I like handwritten notes).

  • Most helpful professional resource?

    Seriously all of #TeamForge, but over the years I have learned a depth of knowledge from Micheal Reale, Daniel Stone and Heather Jarvis, who have let me bug them continuously

  • Favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

    Harbourfront ties with Markham’s Pacific Mall

  • Best concert you’ve been to?

    Hurricane Katrina Relief Fundraiser @B.B. King in New York City

  • Favourite past-time / hobby?

    Punching/Kicking (aka Thai Boxing)

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