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Photo of Charlotte Rauschberger

Charlotte Rauchberger


With a passion for natural environments and rock climbing in remote places Charlotte carries a unique perspective that fuels her creativity for innovative solutions in built spaces. Holding a degree in Environmental Design from OCAD University, she brings a multidisciplinary background and a passion for nature to her role at Forge. As a designer on diverse projects spanning healthcare, retail, and hospitality, Charlotte approaches each challenge as a unique creative opportunity, infusing her team with fresh perspectives.

With experience in both interior design and environmental graphic design, Charlotte envisions spaces that not only visually captivate but also resonate with users. Her design ethos is both bio and human inspired, and driven by a profound connection to the places she travels to. Her experiences on various projects have instilled lasting lessons in responsible design, with a focus on creating experiences that evoke feelings of safety, joy, and belonging for users.


OCAD University

Environmental Design


8 Years

5 years with Forge