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Gregory Neely


Greg has devoted over 20 years to creating functionally beautiful user experiences that span the entire spectrum of design and media.

A driven design thinker with a passion for seamless user experiences, Greg has overseen the growth of Forge Media + Design into one of the most successful and highly regarded design agencies in Canada. His user-first approach has been successfully applied to hundreds of projects across North America and beyond.

By placing the user at the centre of every project, Greg inspires his team to seek unconventional solutions that result in uniquely memorable environments.

As a key contributor to RGD’s Accessible Design Handbook, Greg is a passionate advocate universally accessible and sustainable experiences. A recognized thought leader in his field, Greg has presented his compelling vision for the future of design at a number of notable industry conferences including SEGD, IIDEX and ASCC.

Drive or Transit to work?
Morning or Night person?
Face one in its environment: Shark or Lion?
  • Most interesting/weirdest/first job you’ve ever had?

    Designing ads for a tanning salon

  • Favourite typeface?


  • Favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

    Toronto Island

  • Favourite drink?

    Pisco Sour

  • Three items you can’t live without.

    iPhone, boat and house

  • Favourite past-time / hobby?

    Yacht racing

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