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Image of Tavo Asenjo

Gustavo Asenjo

Web Developer

Gustavo Asenjo was born in Santiago, Chile, but has made Toronto his home for over 12 years. His academic journey started with journalism and political science back in Chile, always with an eye on how tech meets the human side of things. In Toronto, he studied Web Development at Humber College and then completed an immersive Front End Development bootcamp at Juno College.

Gustavo's passion for sports, especially football, is a driving force in his life, reflecting the energy and teamwork he brings to every project at Forge Media. A lover of the outdoors, he often finds joy in nature and adventures with his family. Whether he's running by the lake or exploring the wilderness, his fondness for animals and the environment showcases his belief in harmonizing the digital and natural worlds.


Humber College

Web Development Certificate

Juno College

Front End Development Bootcamp

Universidad Gabriela Mistral of Chile


Universidad Gabriela Mistral of Chile

Political Science


8 Years

8 years with Forge