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Luca Sanguigni

Senior Production Designer

Coffee or Tea?
Morning or Night person?
Scuba dive or Skydive?
Face one in its environment: Shark or Lion?
Board games or Video games?
  • If you were on death row, what would you want for your last meal?

    Mom’s Umido

  • Favourite typeface?

    News Gothic

  • Best Toronto restaurant?

    Carbon or Zucca

  • Favourite drink?

    Coffee or Gin & Tonic

  • Three items you can’t live without.

    Rolleiflex, iPhone, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 IS

  • Favourite past-time / hobby?

    Medium format photography

  • Something you want people to know about you…

    I love waking up before sunrise on weekends and heading out, rain or shine, to take photos.

  • Favourite App?


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