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Photo of Luca Sanguigni

Luca Sanguigni

Senior Production Designer + QA Specialist

Luca brings a background of mixed expertise to Forge from the worlds of Advertising, Print Production and Photography, spending the last 22 years in some of the top Advertising and Design Agencies in Toronto. During that time, he's worked on creative projects for brands including MasterCard, SickKids, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Apple, CIBC and Coca‑Cola.

His extensive experience, paired with an inherent quality for sweating the small stuff, allows Luca to bring a focused intensity to Forge projects in both the design and quality assurance processes.

Luca also executes much of the Forge's in-house photography, including the documentation of completed Wayfinding, Interactive, Branding and Design projects, chronicling Forge processes and capturing team headshots.


International Academy of Design

Advertising Design with Honours


22 Years

6 years with Forge