Luca Sanguigni

Senior Production Designer + QA Specialist

I’m a graphic production artist / photographer / QA specialist and I’ve spent my years in advertising and design, crafting print and digital ads for brands including VW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, CIBC, MasterCard, Microsoft, Apple and McDonalds.

During my downtime you’ll find me in a pool, on a bike or taking photos, ideally shooting 120 film on my vintage 1950s Rolleiflex. Growing up in the restaurant business established a passion for cooking that I continue to carry with me today and I often spend nights prepping pizza dough, baguettes and sauces. Many of my favourite memories involve a big home-made meal, beautiful wine and spending hours around a table with family & friends!

A picture of Luca Sanguigni

Summer Vibes

Poolside and long drives

Winter Vibes

By the fireplace watching old movies

After Hours

Red wine and cheese