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Image of Nicole Benz

Nicole Benz


Born and raised in Canada, Nicole is a multifaceted talent whose journey traversed the realms of design and development. Initially carving her path as a graphic designer, Nicole's keen eye for detail and a burgeoning curiosity led her to pivot into the intricate world of development. Her diverse experiences, enriched by her time living in Japan and Switzerland, have shaped a global perspective in her work.

Nicole's approach to development and design is not just about meeting the needs of the project but about elevating them. At Forge, she's known for her dedication to documentation and quality assurance. Whether detailing project processes or crafting comprehensive reports, Nicole's ability to create organized, insightful records stands as a testament to her commitment to clarity and precision. Her academic background underpins her approach to projects, where problem-solving, attention to detail, and user-centric design are paramount.


Niagara College

Graphic Design Production

McMaster University

BA Honours Multimedia

Sheridan College

Interactive Media Management with High Honours


15 Years

5 years with Forge