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Noha Della Polla

Environmental Graphic Designer

Coffee or Tea ?
Morning or Night person?
Scuba dive or Skydive?
Face one in its environment: Shark or Lion?
Dogs or Cats?
  • Most interesting place you’ve ever been?

    I’ve been to two amazing places that stayed in my mind. Los Roques (is a national park in Venezuela compose of small island, is the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see) and Vancouver island (the forest is breathtaking) I’ll never forget when we were entering one of the trails, a family of 4 (mom, dad and two little girls) were entering with us and the dad told the girls “Ok now be careful and lets look for fairies”. To me is a perfect description of how magical that place is.

  • If you were on death row, what would you want for your last meal?

    Pabellos Criollo!! yummm!! sooo good! is a venezuelan dish that has shredded meat, black beans, rice and fried plantain (the fried plantain is the best part, I always leave it for last and add some salty cheese, IT IS AMAZIIIING!!!)

  • Secret talent?

    I can’t tell you, is a secret!

  • Three items you can’t live without.

    My phone (I know, I know...) my Harry Potter books (they are amazing, it is a fact!) and my pillow.

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