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Image of Noha Della Polla

Noha Della Polla

Environmental Designer

Born and raised in Venezuela, Noha Della Polla, an Environmental Designer at Forge, embarked on her creative journey through six years in theatre before channeling her passion for texture and colours into a Diploma in Interior Design from the Instituto de Diseño Brivil in Venezuela. Furthering her design expertise, she obtained a BDs in Environmental Design from OCAD University upon moving to Canada. Noha’s approach centres on creating cohesive spaces that blend functionality with beauty.

Specializing in studying circulation and flow, she crafts designs that consider human interaction. With a multicultural background spanning Venezuela, Italy, and the United States, Noha understands the influence of spaces on emotions and behaviour. She is passionate about the beauty found in everything, from the delicate intricacies of a snowflake to the clean lines of a stone countertop. Always eager to collaborate with interior designers and architects, Noha’s work reflects her commitment to creating visually appealing and emotionally resonant spaces.


OCAD University

Bachelor in Environmental Design

Instituto de Diseño Brivil

Diploma in Interior Design


10 Years

9 years with Forge