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Ronnie Gandhok

Project Director

Ronnie is an experienced project manager with 15 years of experience developing major experiential design programs for clients across North America.

Prior to joining Forge Media + Design, Ronnie was a project manager and designer in Atlanta, where he worked on large-scale wayfinding projects, including the Atlanta Olympic brand implementation and legacy execution. He has also delivered branding solutions for large retail rollouts for clients such as Midas International, Valero and Ultramar.

Since joining Forge, Ronnie has also provided substantial guidance on interactive projects, providing fabrication and construction details to assist in realizing the interactive experiences developed by Forge. Ronnie’s understanding and ability to simplify and explain the signage and wayfinding industry to non-professionals has been a welcome ability, allowing the client to be comfortable.

Coffee or Tea ?
Face one in its environment: Shark or Lion?
Dogs or Cats?
  • Most interesting/weirdest/first job you’ve ever had?

    I got to yell “stop the press” at a newspaper.

  • Favourite typeface?

    Univers 45 LT

  • Most helpful professional resource?


  • Three items you can’t live without.

    Water, Sun, Peanuts

  • Favourite past-time / hobby?


  • Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?

    Bill Murray

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