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Accessibility Consulting + Audit

Accessibility is the cornerstone of an inclusive and equitable world. It ensures that people of all abilities can access, navigate and engage with websites, applications and physical spaces. It encompasses various aspects, including visual, auditory, cognitive and motor impairments, and involves designing and developing experiences that are perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. Embracing accessibility promotes equal access, enhances user experiences, expands audience reach and aligns with ethical and legal obligations.

We’re dedicated to making the digital world more inclusive for all users. Our team of accessibility experts specializes in conducting thorough audits and providing comprehensive consulting to ensure your website meets the highest accessibility standards. By identifying and addressing barriers that may hinder access for people with disabilities, we help you create a user-friendly and inclusive online experience. Partner with us to ensure compliance, reach a wider audience and demonstrate your commitment to accessibility and equal access for all.

As part of our holistic approach, we consider how to address the needs of audiences with disabilities, including cognitive, mobility, sight, language and cultural sensitivity—beginning with guidelines such as AODA, ADA, CSA B651, and CNIB Foundation’s Clearing Our Path. These directives and procedures form a foundation for liberating the act of mobility as we strive to create optimal accessible strategies ensuring all who use these spaces enjoy a stress-free experience.

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