Emotive narratives, challenging stigma.

In our initial discovery phase, we met with the project stakeholders, care providers and individuals affected by dementia to understand how to spread awareness and educate people better about dementia and its effects. We listened to each individual’s story about their lived experiences and brought this invaluable information into our digital learning outcome.



The digital experience immerses learners through dynamic audio and visual learning moments while incorporating scenes from the original production. Learners can explore various topics surrounding dementia care and see things from the perspective of the person living with dementia and their families.

The site features multiple content types and invites the learner to reflect on what they’ve seen and challenge their perceptions. Forge built a custom application backed by a headless CMS that allows the client to update learning modules as needed.

We hope this learning experience can support a shift in perspective in the world of dementia and inspire others to share their story. In this envisioned future, we look to understand the reflective nature of who we are and how it relates to the community.

Learn more at dementiainnewlight.com

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