Redefining the healthcare experience.

Forge met with Winterberry stakeholders to determine the existing brand’s pain points and developed a strategy to make the most of the reimagined brand. Ensuring the brand could be applied to various touchpoints and deliverables was crucial, as well as creating a welcoming environment that evokes the feeling of dependability and trust in all patients.


The clinic embodies the spirit of teamwork and employs strength in unity. The brand hints towards these connections, using them to establish the stability and synchronization that exists when working together. A vibrant primary and secondary colour palette bring the Winterberry brand to life, representing the essence of the family medicine experience. The colour combinations showcase the best of modern and progressive patient care and are accessible to all.

The team at Forge designed all marketing touchpoints from stationery, posters and apparel, to window clings, physical signage and interior clinic spaces, to social media assets and an overhauled website that is fully responsive, accessible and optimized for performance.

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