Creating serenity in the heart of the city.

Along with a rebrand of the building identity and a sleek, custom signage package, they asked us to reimagine and modernize the existing public art. As a highly visible element that can be seen at all times of the day, it was clear that this would become a centrepiece of the property update.


We designed and built a large-scale, generative digital art installation that evokes the passage of light across the surface of water, tying into the building’s nautical theme. With both time and current wind speeds affecting its appearance, the eye-catching visuals gradually change over the course of the day.

The new tenant pylon extends the evolving colours from the public art into the plaza. An illuminated fin on the pylon features a custom LED animation that mirrors the artwork in real time, bringing a cohesive experience between the exterior and interior of the lobby.

The natural hues and movement of the artwork imbue a tranquil richness, creating a serene oasis that grants a moment of zen in a bustling city centre.


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