Human rights education for a new generation.

Forge worked closely with educators to develop an engaging presentation that would articulate this powerful lesson on injustice and human rights in a hands-on fashion. As the students are taught about the horrific events of this historical mass starvation and the reasons behind it, they are given an opportunity to investigate, discover, discuss, and reflect on the topic.


The students are fully immersed in the experience from the moment they step onto the bus. A 24’ screen is used to display stirring visuals, while 32 iPads simultaneously respond to the large scale screen. A Mac Pro server and three custom-built applications communicate in real-time to seamlessly run the presentation.

This fusion of technologies and interactive content defines an entirely new way to conduct a lesson, allowing the facilitator and the students to actively engage with each other, as they share an emotional journey. The tour continues to spread its message, leaving a lasting impression wherever it visits, which will hopefully lead to positive change for the future.

The project has won multiple awards, including Gold at the 2018 Apex Award (DSE) in the Education & Healthcare category, as well as Gold in the A’Design Awards in the Education and Training category.


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