Communicating an evolution to a modern audience.

The newly established brand adds a sense of liveliness and forward-thinking reflected in the building’s vision—adopting a more casual tone of voice and a visual identity that is modern, friendly and relatable. Keeping with the spirit of their previous logo, inspiration for the new brand came from the building, using a series of blocks that act as frames and patterns in both the logo and supporting graphics. A detailed set of brand guidelines supports and informs all present and future design materials.


Forge worked closely with the CSQ project team to seamlessly integrate the brand, wayfinding and digital placemaking experience into the built environment. Our team developed design solutions that ensured an intuitive understanding of the connectivity of the three towers throughout the newly renovated concourse. The foremost opportunity was to create a strong sense of place and clear awareness of which of the three towers you were in, regardless of which entrance was used.

Throughout the space, the wayfinding and signage solutions provide clear directions to services and critical destinations for both English and French-speaking communities. We also ensured high compliance for accessible design and planning, in common and shared spaces, for an inclusive experience for all tenants and visitors.

Subtle brand colour cues on the edge details of select signs help orient individuals as they enter the main lobby. All brand aspects, digital experiences and wayfinding design are visually integrated with the interior and exterior renovations while continuing to strengthen the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.


At the heart of each building’s lobby is a 4-sided LED column featuring a series of custom-crafted artwork that ties directly into the brand’s themes of Gather, Grow, Connect, Evolve. The three pillars create a symmetry between the buildings as you walk the concourse, and their impressive presence infuses the space with a sense of palpable energy and vivid life. They further underpin Canderel’s desire to make these public common areas a pleasant place to work and dwell.

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