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Personalizing a flexible, mobile rewards platform

Drop, a free mobile rewards program, focuses on providing customers with a personalized and easy-to-use member experience. Drop members can earn and redeem points by shopping via the app, completing surveys and playing games. Looking to refresh their single-page web presence to better position the program, the Drop team worked closely with Forge to bring the website to life across multiple dynamic pages.


WordPress CMS
HubSpot integration
Hot Jar integration
AppsFlyer integration
Google Tag Manager

Consumer-facing (B2C) website

Reinforce brand value propositions

Aligning with the established branding, the team at Forge created a flexible design system that applied to both the consumer-facing and business-facing Drop websites, ensuring a consistent look and feel while targeting different audiences. The fully-responsive experience considered all screen sizes and included high accessibility standards in visual design and code.

Business-facing (B2B) website