Inspiration from reflections above.

Extensive planning and mapping of user journeys defined the points of arrival, destination and through-put. Arrival focused on identifying the building at street level, for which the visual concept of ‘reflecting the clouds’ was proposed. This pattern created a scalable and recognizable motif that could act as a beacon on approach and confirmation of place for an individual while within the space.


Further concept development contained effective main lobby connections to tenant spaces, parking and destinations beyond. Theme-driven and aesthetically aligned pictographic symbols for universal communication became integral to the holistic approach. Adding colour coding to parking levels provides important landmarking when looking for connections to the ground level while improving recall ability upon an individual’s return trip.

The resulting wayfinding design integrates seamlessly into the building, providing visibility for key tenants and intuitive orientation for time-pressed employees and the general public alike. Eau Claire Tower has become a distinctive beacon and essential connection for an up-and-coming neighbourhood.

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