Merging classic with contemporary.

At the outset of the project, Forge worked with Fitzrovia to understand the desired feeling of the brand, ensuring this essence translated seamlessly to the name and visual interpretation of the development’s identity. The selected name, The Mews, reflects the European-style pedestrian pathways once lined with carriage houses or stables.


Forge met at the intersection of traditional style and modern design; the identity evokes a sense of sophistication as it harkens back to the Victorian era. A hand-drawn typeface creates a refined identity for The Mews, representing the many brick-lined pedestrian paths connecting the development.

To build out the entire branding package, Forge developed a thorough brand guideline document that outlines best practices around logo use, typography standards and colour applications. To ensure consistent brand use across various marketing channels, Forge provided insight into the design of additional examples of collateral samples.

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