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Liberty House

Services Deliverables
  • Logo
  • Brand Guide
  • Marketing Materials
  • Stationery
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Uniforms
  • Placemaking
  • Masterplanning

Fostering a culture of community within a community

Equipped with luxury amenities and stylish spaces, Liberty House is an elevated rental development that strives to provide a community-focused lifestyle for all residents. To fill a gap in the purpose-built rental space, Fitzrovia aimed to build high-quality rental units with desirable amenity packages marketed to the millennial renter. Forge worked with Fitzrovia Real Estate to define a name and develop a brand for this new property.

A preliminary sketch for the Liberty House logo
The Liberty House logo seen aligned to a grid
Preliminary sketch and a well structured logo for a fun brand
A sophisticated colour palette
A letterform of the letter A for the font Univers Ultra Condensed.
A letterform of the letter A for the font Univers.
Stylistic typography to communicate to the millennial audience

Resonating with the millennial renter

Seeking to evoke the community aspect of the property, the name Liberty House reflects the idea of one’s family all under one roof. The name also echoes the sense of pride and unity created by the development’s unique spaces, program offerings and amenities. Liberty House offers luxury living within reach to its residents.

Promotional materials and stationery

Luxury within reach

The property speaks to those looking for an aspirational lifestyle while remaining accessible to the young millennial renter. Curated elements of luxury are present in the buildings offerings and mirrored through the use of carefully chosen materials and custom flourishes throughout the signage program.

Custom pictograms to add flair to the signage program
Parking signage
Room signage, directional signage and floor ID’s
  • 290K sq. ft. of premium rental living space
  • 440 high-end rental units
  • 25 stories tall tower