A deep supply chain expertise

To best understand the family of companies housed under the Metro Supply Chain name, Forge led a comprehensive discovery research process to define what each entity stands for and how it can best support the customer through revitalized websites. This research resulted in a clear path forward showcasing the company’s extensive supply chain expertise, pride in meaningful business relationships and a trusted, people-centric culture.



The website content management system (CMS) uses a modular build method consisting of reusable content blocks that can be placed in different layouts when creating new pages. Dynamic videos and subtle page load animations are used throughout both websites, creating an inviting space for visitors to learn more about each company’s story and services. Clean, easy-to-read typefaces ensure all content follows the latest accessibility standards with proper contrast ratios.

Forge designed and developed two web experiences for Metro Supply Chain and Supply Chain Alliance and had the opportunity to provide a design refresh to the SCA brand identity. Building a brand language that better aligned with the existing MSC identity, Forge created a new graphic element for SCA that represents the connectivity and seamlessness of a thriving supply chain.

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