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Deloitte Burlington

Burlington, ON
Services Deliverables
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Placemaking
  • Masterplanning

Connection to the regional landscape as workplace identity

Team identity and culture are hallmarks of Deloitte’s approach to their office experience. Creating a space for their new Burlington office that reflected the natural beauty unique to the community was key. Working in tandem with AFK Studios, Forge was asked to develop a communication program through wayfinding, placemaking and environmental graphics that distinctly expressed Deloitte’s brand presence while weaving a memorable narrative throughout the interior.

A mindful place

Bringing the magic of the outside, in

AFK Studio’s open, airy and modern interior design allowed Forge to create placemaking landmarks that helped anchor and define spaces for work and collaboration. The environmental graphic experience involved showcasing the region’s story through photography and graphics. These became the foundation for creating connections with the other branded signage and wayfinding elements.

A green arrival

Natural collaboration of form and function

Workspaces benefited from the integration of themed graphic motifs. Integrating these graphics into writable wall surfaces created highly functional rooms. This also helped strengthen the connection to place by creating seamless interaction with the work environment. While establishing a clear visual hierarchy in brand and communication, the program successfully helps both clients and staff understand and navigate their environment while creating pride in their space and its identity.

Flexible and themed collaboration surfaces
Connecting experience from lobby to Coffee Bar seating
  • 35.5K sq. ft. office space