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Image of UJA Federation building.

UJA Federation

Toronto, ON
Services Deliverables
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Masterplanning
  • Donor Recognition
  • Placemaking

Strengthening the connections within a community

Nestled in the natural beauty of the West Don Parklands, the UJA Federation’s Sherman campus is a unique multiplex hub that provides an essential cultural link for Toronto’s Jewish community and features state-of-the-art sports, youth, educational and family programming. The phase II development mission is to expand the facility offerings and enrich the connection for all members of the UJA family.

Wayfinding signage along a trail.
Monuments of recognition

A vibrant and thriving community hub

UJA Federation approached Forge Media + Design to plan, design, and implement a wayfinding system for the newly planned Sheff Family Building. Our design challenge was to create a harmonious experience amongst neighbouring buildings while integrating new signage and donor recognition for the campus, building exterior and interior.

Close-up of building signage lettering.
The building as fabric of the community
Wayfinding signage pillars outside the building.
Wayfinding signage outside the building complex.
Unified brand through typeface consistency
UJA Federation building.
Integrated wayfinding creates a sense of place

Understanding the diverse legacy

Cultural sensitivity and accessibility were critical factors to the development of the project. Working within specific budget constraints, Forge engaged with key stakeholders to understand the diverse typology of guests and visitors. The result is not only an intuitive system that liberates the act of mobility and access but also one that provides moments of connection, pride of place and a shared vision for the future.

Interior of UJA building, with a focus on wayfinding signage.
Familiar forms help with orientation
Close-up of office signage.
Close-up of building amenity signage.
Close-up of building amenity signage.
Changeable donor panels
  • 106K sq. ft. campus