Supporting business growth.

The site targeted independent pharmacy owners. It served as an educational tool to teach them about the benefits of working with a BMO advisor in regards to growing their business and succession planning. To address these requirements, we approached several pharmacists to gain insight into and better understand their needs and perspectives, ensuring that the end product met both our client’s goals as well as those of the intended audience.



Forge closely reviewed BMO corporate brand standards to determine the best course of action to create a unique standalone web experience, while ensuring brand consistency. With the use of approachable and relatable lifestyle photography, a simple cohesive brand colour palette, and easy-to-understand language, the site effortlessly entices users to learn more.

This new approach to reach a particular target audience proved to be a successful outreach strategy for BMO. It positioned them as a trusted source for information and established their presence as a small business client partner to aid them with their needs in all aspects of financial planning, from day-to-day tasks to retirement.

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