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Dementia In New Light
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Shedding light into the world of dementia

Dementia in New Light is a digital learning experience that builds upon the research-driven production, Cracked: New Light on Dementia. By following individuals with dementia and their families, it aims to challenge the stigma around dementia and its care. Forge collaborated with a diverse team of researchers and artists and applied co-design methodologies to create an accessible educational experience, fostering a reimagining of dementia and improved support for those impacted.


Headless CMS
React framework
WebGL 3D render with custom shaders
User account portal

Emotive narratives, challenging stigma

In our initial discovery phase, we met with the project stakeholders, care providers and individuals affected by dementia to understand how to spread awareness and educate people better about dementia and its effects. We listened to each individual’s story about their lived experiences, engaged in co-design discussions to shape our digital learning outcome and fostered an open, inclusive forum for collaboration. This discovery process uncovered invaluable information from diverse perspectives to enrich the outcome of our digital learning experience.

Two people sitting in a boardroom.
A group of people discussion research, while looking a table.
Snapshots from our discovery and research synthesis process

An engaging and informative experience

Our core objective was to enable learners to explore a wide range of topics related to dementia care while providing them with insights into the daily lives of persons living with dementia and their families, fostering empathy and understanding throughout their journey. To ensure an intuitive user journey, we developed detailed site architecture and wireframes, meticulously planning how learners would navigate the content.

An image showing the site architecture with information hierarchy
A circle diagram that shows the relationship between various topics
Detailed sitemap for a complex website and a small sample from our extensive discovery
wireframe image of the login screen
a sketch exploring the theme of murmuration, or clusters of meaning
wireframe showing the idea behind the unique navigation
Wireframes to start defining the experience

Inspiring others to share their stories

The experience presents content in a number of ways and invites the learner to reflect on what they’ve seen and challenge their perceptions. Forge built a custom application backed by a headless CMS that allows the client to update content as needed.

A close up of one of the topics in focus. The topic is shown as a crystal-like gem floating in space
Another close up of one of the topics in focus. The topic is shown as a crystal-like gem floating in space
Topics browser which acts as the main navigation
The stigma topic expanded, to show the sub topics. The topics are shown as crystal-like gems floating in space
The Possibilities topic expanded, to show the sub topics. The topics are shown as crystal-like gems floating in space

Shifting perspective through interactive storytelling

Learners are immersed through dynamic audio and visual learning moments while incorporating scenes from the original production. Learners can explore various topics surrounding dementia care and see things from the perspective of the person living with dementia and their families.

Illustration of a radio
Illustration of open eyes with eyebrows
Illustration of a bike wheel
Custom illustrations to help tell the stories
A desktop screen that shows what the video player looks like
Learning modules to educate users about dementia
An image gallery is shown in one of the subtopics
A handwritten quote in one of the subtopics

Promoting engagement through tracked user progress

Learners have the ability to create personal accounts where engagement can be tracked and referenced throughout the experience, allowing them to take in content at their own pace and feel a sense of progress. Content can also be easily saved and referenced at any time.

A screen showing that the Stigma topic is half completed.
A screen showing learning modules the user has saved to their profile
A screen showing the relationship topic with its sub topics and indicators to show which sections have been completed.
A playful display to keep track of your progress within the lesson plans
A desktop view of the Relationships topic, showing the sub topics and completion status of each topic.
  • 597K of people are living with dementia in Canada as of 2020
  • 61.8% of those living with dementia are women
Forge is a ‘dream team’! They developed an award-winning, multi-media digital learning experience about dementia-related stigma that deepens learners’ engagement. Despite the ever increasing complexities of its design and build, their team never disappointed – they model the very best of efficiency, ingenuity, and participatory design.
Pia Kontos, PhD, Senior Scientist, Professor
Backside of interactive donor recognition panels.

Stella’s Place

Toronto, ON
Services Deliverables
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Donor Recognition
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Kiosk
  • Placemaking
  • Masterplanning

Young people are 20% of the population, but 100% of the future

Forge had the pleasure of working with Stella’s Place – a not-for-profit organization in Toronto, ON, that helps young adults empower themselves to manage their mental health and wellness. During our inclusive co-design session, a rich diversity of stories from the stakeholders and youth participants revealed the tapestry of the community they are weaving together. This direction became a foundational theme for the project.

Inspirational interior signage.
A place for sharing art

A through-line connection throughout the space

The interconnected concept of community is in all of the project elements, including a colourful thread graphic that weaves throughout the space, intuitively delineating areas that youth participants are welcome to utilize. Every detail of the signage keeps the safety of the participants in mind and features a high level of changeability to allow for future donor recognition of spaces.

Room signage and donor recognition, with a person walking by.
Integrated room sign and donor recognition
Close-up of messaging on an interior wall.
Close-up of donor recognition and room signage.
A connecting thread

Designing an accessible experience

Also integrated into The thread is a tactile surface that distinguishes it from the wall. Braille directional pannels are strategically located at key decision points to help those with vision disability to orient themselves.

A person's hand touching a braille sign.
Close-up of raised signage letters.
Close-up of braille signage.
Close-up of raised signage letters.
Calming design cues

Thoughtfully showcasing personal stories through design

Forge worked closely with Stella’s Place to ensure everyone’s story was carefully told. Choosing where and how those moments were displayed was a collaborative effort between client, interior designers and Forge’s environments team.

A chair and donor legacy sign.
Close-up of interior donor legacy sign.
Founder recognition plaque

Creating a place of their own

The digital donor wall was placed at the heart of the new building, highlighting the importance of the people that provide funding, service, and participation. At the push of a button, video testimonials of donors, participants, peers and staff capture the essence of ‘Why Stella’s Place matters’ and illustrates the strong sense of belonging shared by all who walk through its doors.

Backside of interactive donor recognition panels.
A person interacting with the donor touch screen.
A close-up of a sign describing the community at Stella's Place.
A rendering of the donor wall concept.
  • 12K sq. ft. community space
  • 300+ 1-on-1 counselling sessions in 2022
  • 80% group session retention rate in 2022
“Forge Media + Design were a pleasure to work with. This project exceeded my expectations of what is possible with donor recognition and placemaking and I’m so proud of the result. I am especially grateful for the process they used to co-design this project with our program participants, staff and Board members. They really listened to our input and our voice is apparent throughout the space. Forge was responsive, engaged and professional for the whole of the process.”
Catherine Dyer, Director of Development


Toronto, ON
Services Deliverables
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Placemaking
  • Masterplanning
  • Donor Recognition
  • Illustration

Moving people through a holistic wayfinding approach

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) is Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital. CAMH drives innovative research, provides expert training to healthcare professionals, and advocates for social change. Working alongside Stantec and Acumen Visual Group, we developed a holistic wayfinding approach at CAMH’s Queen Street site to fully integrate two new CAMH campus buildings – Building B1 (McCain Complex Care & Recovery Building) and Building D1 (Crisis & Critical Care Building).

Clear and simple direction

Creating a welcoming sense of belonging

The wayfinding program uses critical campus points to help patients, workers and visitors reach their intended destinations safely and with clarity throughout the day. Signage recognizing the generous donors and their contributions is celebrated proudly in the newly built Crisis & Critical Care and McCain Complex Care & Recovery buildings.⁠

A new beginning for community care
Contribution as identity
Campus navigation
Expressing subtle brand cues with wayfinding

Improving the movement and flow of people in the space

The interior signage program for the new CAMH campus buildings improves the flow and movement of people throughout the space, as patients, visitors and staff have the tools they require to self-navigate the buildings. The signage welcomes the community and encourages people to utilize the building’s many resources.

Place and colour help inform wayfinding
Gender inclusivity and secure mounting are key features
Creating calm with hierarchy of information

Hand-drawn expressions depicting the people of CAMH

Vibrant murals featuring hand-drawn characters accompanied the written words of donors at the Ossington and Queen Street Campus.⁠⁠ A wall for each department – representing the patients, the caregivers and the staff at CAMH – was thoughtfully designed and placed the patient’s unique journey at the forefront of one’s experience.

Concept sketches
A moment of pause and recognition
  • $685M project value
  • 600K sq. ft. campus
  • 235 beds

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

Vaughan, ON
Services Deliverables
  • Signage
  • Wayfinding
  • Masterplanning
  • Donor Recognition
  • Kiosk
  • Art Installation
  • Placemaking

Celebrating generosity in a tech-forward healthcare facility

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital (CVH) is Canada’s first smart hospital, featuring innovative technology and medical devices that provide state-of-the-art healthcare to the surrounding communities of Vaughan, Ontario. The Mackenzie Health redevelopment team worked closely with Forge to bring the vision of a fully integrated donor recognition program for the hospital and exterior campus to celebrate those who made the impressive facility possible.

Building recognition
Welcoming arrival
Recognizing a family’s welcome

A multifaceted expression of gratitude

The goal of the donor recognition program was to ensure that every aspect worked seamlessly with the architecture and wayfinding program while providing donors with a sense of appreciation for their incredible generosity. The donor recognition walls collectively celebrate the impact of donors’ crucial contributions and inspire future givings, inform patients, visitors, and staff alike.

A garden of gratitude
Glowing recognition

An inspired donor-focused experience

CVH’s commitment to providing innovative healthcare became a central theme that inspired the development of this large-scale donor program. From the integrated programmable LED plinths on the exterior to three unique digital donor walls on the interior and donor signage throughout the campus, this suite of applications creates a beautifully varied, yet cohesive expression of appreciation.

Detailed view of donor recognition wall
Interactive donor recognition wall

Celebrating the wonder and joy of new beginnings

At the entrance to the maternity ward, families can commemorate and celebrate the arrival of their newborns. This large-scale display presents an interactive sky-themed mobile with baby name plaques hanging from its alphabetically categorized plates. Families can make a small contribution to showcase a personalized baby announcement, including the name, date, weight and photo of the child, triggered by tapping on the name plaques or using the user interface’s search function.

Character sketch and rendering design development
Large-scale display with baby announcements
  • 350 beds
  • 500 bed capacity
  • 1.2M sq. ft. hospital campus
  • 11 storeys

Southlake Regional Health Centre

Services Deliverables
  • Logo
  • Strategic Plan
  • Brand Guide
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Community Report

Shaping the future of healthcare at Southlake

Southlake Regional Health Centre, located in Newmarket, Ontario, is a full-service hospital, providing advanced levels of care to more than one million people living in surrounding communities. Looking to launch a leading-edge strategic plan capturing the hospital’s dedication to shaping the future of healthcare, the Southlake team turned to Forge for visual design and campaign creation to support and evolve internal and external marketing materials for the next five years.

Strategic Plan design including custom photoshoot within hospital

Building healthy communities

To position Southlake as a top healthcare provider, leading-edge in both research and technology, Forge created a distinct visual treatment and messaging direction. The intention was to evoke an authentic sense of emotion while highlighting the people and culture of the hospital and reinforcing the key message of “We’re by your side”.

Reinforcing the human element of care

Forge continued to evolve the Southlake brand by developing a complete set of brand guidelines that established identity usage, colour specifications, typography direction, photography style, and recommendations around creating communication collateral.

The old Southlake Regional Health Centre logo
The new Southlake Regional Health Centre logo
Original identity and evolved identity
Business card and letterhead

Reinforcing the human element of care

Southlake’s newly launched brand experience captured the simplicity of emotional interactions and strengthened the hospital’s dedication to patient and provider care. The creative direction of the campaign reinforced the hospital’s commitment to providing outstanding care to surrounding communities.

  • 560K+ sq. ft. of hospital space
  • $500M annual operating budget
  • 400 patient beds
  • 6K people employed at hospital